• PO'Berg

About me

I've been playing and recoding music since I was 18.
Music has really been the biggest passion in my life. When I was 18, I gave up watching TV and needed to pick up a hobby. I started playing chess. My brother had a guitar, so I started playing that as well. The chess didn't last, but the music stuff did. I've been playing and recording music since (I do still watch TV). I've learned keyboard and virtual drums, since most drummers are either lazy or on drugs. Kidding! (maybe)

I used to play in a band when I was younger, and it was very exciting to see a song take shape in a way I wasn't expecting. A lot of the music you hear on this site is just me playing all of the instruments. I'm looking for other people to collaborate with. 

Also, if you live local to Aston, and need help recording, I would offer my services for a minimal fee. Since I'm able to play a number of instruments, I can fill out a song as well. I also have auto tune, so don't worry about having to be able to actually sing.

My setup right now is with Protocols software. I have two acoustic guitars, an electric Les Paul and a MIDI keyboard with software that plays about any instrument, including piano and drums.